yep, it really does seem to be getting Imageworse.
not that i’m not grateful for certain people cleaning up after me while i’m hobbling around on crutches, it’s just getting old. and fast. oh, and swelling, too. of course. damn you, stairs!

it’s tuesday morning and i miss work already, not too long ago i never wanted to set another foot (ha ha) in there ever again and i’m happy that’s no longer the case. things change… when people do.
it doesn’t have to be draining and frustrating, just figuring out not to let it get to you takes some time and effort… i’m glad i did. the health care system isn’t what it used to be – it can be easily compared to assembly-line work now. yes, i know, sounds horrbile, doesn’t it… but unfortunately, that’s how it is. hospitals are tremendously understaffed and no one does have the time to actually care anymore, due to the tight schedule. doesn’t this make the term ‘Health Care System‘ sound kind of ironic?!
the world is moving incredibly fast, the daily pressure keeps building and building and – let’s face it – medical care won’t get any better due to these circumstances. the trick is, not too think about it too much… being a small fish, there’s nothing you can change anyways, all you can do is try to be human in a totally inhuman environment.
A smile goes a long way…”, that is actually quite true. it took me a long time to realize that it all comes back to that. you won’t change a single thing being just a small wheel in a huge mechanism that can be easily replaced, but you can improve your and others’ circumstances immensely just by taking care of the small things. be polite. listen. help without offering too much of yourself. decent human behavior. and yes, a little egoism, too… but i like to call it self-preservation.
how i miss walking the thin line between not caring at all and caring too much and totally nailing it. never thought i could do it, but i can. it’s nice when you can surprise yourself.

i think i’ll hobble back to bed now – too little sleep for me, and since i’m home, i might as well enjoy the luxury of crawling back into my snugly den.

yes, balloon foot, you can come, too. but only because you asked nicely.

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