Is Green really Green?

sometimes my thoughts get tangled and today i am thinking about a rather simple thing…

is green really green?

what if the colors of this world as we see them aren’t really the colors there are? what if the leaves of a tree aren’t green but actually purple, but we just don’t have enough sense to see the color for what it truly is?
i am sure everyone has heard of the ‘myth’ that we only use 10% of our brain capacity… what makes us so sure that we don’t?! and if it is true, what happened that we just told our brains to shut down so much of our actual efficiency and potential?
defense mechanism? fear of something greater? i’m not sure…
can we actually say someone is smart or dumb if we don’t even know how much more potential lies buried beneath the surface?

(a)musing… i hope one day we’ll find out.

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