Words and Beyond

isn’t it incredibly amazing when someone totally gets you?

the last 3 poems i posted are ‘milestones’ that stuck with me throughout the years and i want them here to be able to evolve. sort of my history… and now i can move on. my friend said i was painting a self-portrait on here, and yes, that is exactly what i’m doing. the fact that he actually thought i might be upset (by telling me they all sound pretty much the same) made me smile. that was exactly what i was going for. the ‘state of grey’ i call my past.
like i said before, at the beginning of this year, things changed… a LOT… and i happily remind myself where i came from… from time to time.
looking at these poems makes me smile now, because i know how i felt writing them… and i know how i feel now.
lighter, almost airy. it’s incredible.

i am very lucky to have a friend like this. the fact that he asked about these poems and had the guts to say something most people would have taken the wrong way shows a deep level of trust… something most of us can only wish for. his simple question showed me that i have changed already… and it’s nice to see my reflection in someone else’s eyes… though i still need time to recognize what i see. it’s getting easier, but it’s still surprising. and beautiful.
our relationship has been very interesting so far… lots of highs and lows in a very short time, but no matter how bad it gets, respect always matters – and still remains. how -and especially why- we met still amazes me. part of ‘the great plan’ i assume, i wouldn’t know how to say it otherwise.

all i know is i couldn’t be more thankful for you. i love your incredible weirdness and your ability to show me a totally different, very interesting world. maybe you’re welling up right now, reading this… but i’m not sure you would admit it to me anyways.

thanks, D.
i will borrow your words here and end this, saying: love you to bits!


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