Beauty and other Merchandise

out of curiosity, i googled the word ‘beauty’ in the category pictures today… and to be frank, i was quite shocked what i saw. lots and lots of pictures of women looking like barbies, wearing tons of make-up (plastered to ‘perfection‘ – and of course, credit goes to photoshop as well), a picture of a little girl from a beauty pageant website, make-up, Justin Bieber (???) and – of course – more women. i had to scroll down quite far to even see anything else… all in all very disappointing.
my expectations weren’t that high when i started my search, but i have to admit i expected a bit more than this. has mankind really become so superficial?! artificial?! it seems like it…

beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

… is that statement still adequate if we raise our children in a world where superficiality seems to be essential? where corporate groups dictate and shape our environment, telling us what’s beautiful and what isn’t?

hats off to the individuals who withstand.
glad you still exist.


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