Kids Only?!

Imageyes, i am obsessed with children’s books. they are – to me –  among the most beautiful things in the world. how can anyone not love the simple clarity, the soft language and the precise, meaningful words, telling a wonderful story? instantly makes me feel warm and cosy… at home.

Love you forever” is a masterpiece… it is to me.

i have to admit that not a week goes by where i don’t take it out of the bookshelf and give it – at least – a quick scan. so beautiful.

if i have children one day, i hope i will be brave enough to read it to them… because i have never managed to read through all of it without tears streaming down my face.

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5 thoughts on “Kids Only?!

  1. Your words could not be more true. Thank you. I enjoy your blog very much and I look forward to many more posts from you. But, yes – I can not read that book without at least shedding a tear.


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