Dear Rumbling Stomach,

i have been trying to figure out why you always start talking loudly when i least expect it, and so far i have come to no conclusion whatsoever. starting to roar like a lion when i have company doesn’t only make you look bad, but me as well.

i know you are only doing your job, but – digestion aside – why don’t you take a break once in a while?

it’s totally okay to let your voice echo through the depth of my bowels right now (since i’m alone), but may i ask you to take a break once i have company? i would really appreciate it.
besides, everyone needs a break now and then (i don’t want you to end up with burnout syndrome and, as a result, maybe giving me an ulcer), so maybe you’ll consider it next time you start working frantically and i’m drawing unwanted looks.
just take it easy.

thanks in advance,
your container

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