Dear Post-It,

a member of your family died today. my deepest condolences.

you know how much i love to use you and your cousins, aunts and uncles for my enjoyment… i write quotes that i like on your colorful surfaces and stick them to my front door… that way, i can always lay eyes on you before i have to leave the house. i enjoy your family’s services very much.

i know you, too, get older… and die eventually. the cycle of life.
this is what happened today. i think it was your aunt (the post-it was pink), she couldn’t hold on any longer and fell down. she lived a long life.

i am sorry for your loss and i have to say that it isn’t easy for me to see her go… but i figured it was her time.
please be assured that she will have a proper burial. i loved her, too… very much.

you, your family and friends will always be welcome to try a spot at my front door… it is a happy and meaningful life, i promise.

thank you so much for understanding and again, i am sorry for your loss.
she was wonderful.

best wishes,
your aunt’s mourner


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