The Disadvantage of having Ideas…

… in the shower.
i am sure i’m not the only one experiencing this on a frequent basis. ideas always happen to come along while you’re in the shower, usually when you just started. one of the few times where you can’t get to a notepad and pen right away.

so you repeat them to yourself – over and over – and speed up the cleaning routine to get out of there and in range of a pen. not a pleasant way to take showers – i usually love them, they’re so relaxing.

i considered taping a couple of plastic bags to the inside of my shower door and put a permanent marker next to my shampoo… but i won’t do it. for one thing, it’s weird… and for some reason, i fear that the ideas will cease to come to me, should i do it. would just be too easy then.
ideas, deceitful little ‘creatures’ they are…

please someone hurry up and invent that waterproof paper already!!

photo credits: internet

5 thoughts on “The Disadvantage of having Ideas…

  1. *smiles* … I never thought about that…that a lot of ideas in my head are formulated there … and also, things I need to put on my list for the day.

    By the way, that comic you attached was too funny.

    *thinks … may someone can make a marker for the bath tub walls that would stay until the next showering! So when you write something down…you have time to come back after drying off lol.*

    Though like you … what if that causes the thoughts to stop? *shivers at that thought … and turns hot water knob up a bit*


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