The Art of Getting Along

it’s a thin line sometimes… getting along with someone.
the more complicated the relationship is, the higher your expectations get – for some reason. maybe to make the plunge deeper when you fail in order to fully enjoy your failure. i don’t know… must be something like that.
when you know you don’t get along with someone, you approach them carefully every time you meet.
but sometimes even that isn’t enough. if they want to find something, they find something. end of story.

it’s been like this for a couple of years now, and – despite my intentions – i can’t seem to get it to work. i guess i just have to be okay with the fact, that some people feel better when they can declare themselves the victim. which makes me the bad guy…

i don’t know if i will ever be fully able to accept the bad guy position… because this sure does not make me feel better… but i might as well accept it, because it seems i have no choice in the matter anyways.

it could be so easy… i guess not everyone likes the easy way though.

4 thoughts on “The Art of Getting Along

  1. “If they want to find something, they find something…”

    It doesn’t matter what you do or how you tippy toe…that is why it is totally futile to be with this type of person.


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