Dear Insomnia,

it’s been a while since our last encounter, and i cannot say that i miss you very much.
i know this is not a nice thing to say, but you weren’t nice to me either, so there.

that we parted ways was best for us, i think… i promise i won’t ignore you completely when we see each other in passing. maybe i’ll even wave at you, but that’s it. you’ve had your chance with me… and i moved on.
i hope you’ll be able to rethink your behavior one day… i know, change is hard, but i believe everyone can do it – it’s just a piece of work, that’s all.
people might even like you better if you only visit once in a while instead of staying all night long, every day of the week… consider it. it’s not as hard as it seems. everyone can use a little “alone time” now and then, even you.

all the best,
your former employer

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