Dear Stress,

i have been following your movements for a long time now… analyzing, observing, forming my opinion. i have to admit you’re really good at what you’re doing. if you weren’t, there wouldn’t be so many people under your constant influence.

nevertheless, i have bad news for you… i found your “good twin”, your counterpart, a while ago… its name is Calmness.
today i was able to witness it in action… quite remarkable, i have to say. this one outshines you by far and its long-term methods – when it comes to dealing with daily life – are really impressive.
you two must have been separated at birth, for people who know you usually don’t know the other. do you know Calmness? did you two ever meet? probably not.
i would advise you to get in touch, because if things keep going as they are, you might soon reach the peak of your career… and might plummet straight down afterward. i’m sure a lot of those who spent too much time in your grasp will soon be looking for another solution. you drain people, suck the life out of them… and no one wants that.
you’ll be out of work. period.

so, for the good of all, you might want to go easier on people… oh, and get in touch with your twin – a remarkable fellow, i can assure you. i’m sure there’s a lot to learn when you hear the other side of the story.
i hope you can see the truth in my words and i wish you good luck on your journey.

a former addict

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