Dear Thunderstorm,

how i love it when you rage.

the dark clouds, announcing your coming, the distant rumble, steadily growing louder and more frequent, the first big drops of rain… anticipation building.
and when you’re here, prepared to unleash…
it’s just wonderful. powerful. reviving.
your rains, attempting to drown the landscape, your deep, basso voice echoing through the air and the beautiful, unexpected patterns lighting draws onto your canvas, the sky… and when i close my eyes, i can still enjoy the forms and shapes for a little bit longer.

when i see you rage, i am tempted to step right into the argument… i would love to howl and yell right back at you… not in anger, of course, but rather to spur you on. you make me feel so alive, and i thank you for it.
sometimes you frighten me… but that’s okay, i still like you.

i wish i knew what angered you so much though… but it’s good that you can relieve some pressure.

a drenched admirer

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