The Cycle

she opened her eyes
in her mother’s strong arms
so lively and still oh so frail

smiling faces looked back
soothing voices her guide
and she slept to her grandmother’s tale

tiny feet running fast
getting chased by her dad
through the garden, so many a day

her sweet laughter rang out
making loving hearts sing
as she played with sun’s colorful ray

she got older and met
the first love of her life
and she cherished the feelings that grew

with her man by her side
she gave birth to a child
cherishing the new soul through and through

when the first wisps of grey
touched her long, silky hair
she witnessed her sweet son grow strong

full of life as he was
then, she knew she’d done well
and she hoped he would never go wrong

when she lay, so worn out
in her family’s home
her son held her, as long as it took

and she closed her wise eyes
to the warmth of his touch
while death turned the last page in her book


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