The Drowned Man

the sailor set out
on a journey, long-planned
to discover the purpose of being

many days he enjoyed
the turning of tides
valiant, cleansing, freeing

in his dreams she came by
sweet whispers, at first
but soon, she called out to his heart

below water, she dwelled
fluent beauty was hers
and she told him they would never part

time passed in a daze
and the sailor gave in
no longer resisting her call

too tempting she was
to his lonely heart
he decided he would take the fall

and the waters, so cold
took him into their arms
but his love for her burned hot and strong

as the air left his lungs
and her lips touched his cheek
he drowned in her sorrowful song

when he opened his eyes
brilliant smile touched her face
and it answered his heart’s desperate calls

so the beauty, she took
the drowned man by his hand
and they sank to the watery halls


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