Jerry Maguire… really?!

for some reason, i can’t stop thinking about the movie ‘Jerry Maguire’ today… and it makes me furious!
there’s this scene when he’s standing in her house, telling her the famous sentence…

You complete me.

once, i thought this was very romantic. now, i just want to scream!! i want to tell her to run as far as she can… for that guy will drain her completely.
most people would be really happy to hear this from someone they loved… me, it would make me want to not be with them. that sentence states that the one you’re with clearly hasn’t found his (or her) self yet.
in case of this movie, he will be the leech… and she will be the victim.

in my opinion, only two people who are whole will be able to have a functioning, healthy relationship. and the fact that this scene was displayed on TV, in Movie Theatres… just makes me want to shake my head.
i’m not saying i’m whole. i’m not saying i’m perfect… but at least, i’m working on my ways.

rant over. damn you, Jerry Maguire!


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