The Flow of Energies

for the past couple of years, i have read a lot about the flow of energies. it is astonishing how much you can improve your life if you only pay a little attention.
(a great read concerning the flow of energies is James Redfield’s “The Celestine Prophecy”… it opened my eyes to a lot of things.)

i was always so tired, frustrated, fed up… hated my chores, could barely even stand my job anymore, felt like society was sucking the last bit of energy out of me, draining me completely.
it’s all a lot easier when you don’t let people get to your reserves…. and it took me a long time to realize this. it’s quite simple, really. when you interact with someone, it’s basically all about giving and taking. there are a lot of people out there who are only focused on doing one of the two… the helpers and the takers. most of them act the way they act because they’ve never been taught differently… it’s their parents’ patterns imprinted on them.

the helpers are always drained… they give and give without ever taking anything back, without ever expecting anything in return… and soon enough, they run out of fuel. and if they ever even so much as think about complaining, they think they will be frowned upon by society… for being selfish.

the takers, well, they take. without thinking. usually they surround themselves with a ton of helpers who are willing to give freely… because, hey, they’re stupid enough to offer energy for free, so why give something in return when what you need is offered to you willingly? pretty clever way to get your energy restored, and it’s not their fault either – they were shaped this way.

the trick is to find a balance. not as easy as it seems, because you have to constantly be aware of your surroundings, the way you go about things, the way you interact with other people. once you’ve seen your patterns though, it gets simpler. you can see pretty soon which people you want to interact with and which you’d better not.
society teaches us that it’s good to help others… but it doesn’t tell us to be cautious as well. if you give too much, you drain yourself. whoever tells you that helping is good, should also make you aware of the consequences of giving too much.

i’ve been a helper for most of my life… and i always wondered why i didn’t feel better… because, hey, i made others feel better, right? so why not myself? how stupid i was.

i had a conversation last night… a pretty good one. we were both pretty tired when we started out talking, but once we got a little further into the conversation, the energy started to flow. we were recharging… we were both aware of what we were doing, and at the end of the conversation, we weren’t tired at all. it felt so good. peaceful. at ease.

never let your guard down while interacting with others. take care of yourself.

develop healthy egoism. (yes i know, the word egoism has a bad ring to it… we instantly start thinking about being selfish… that’s not the fact though. you need healthy egoism for self-preservation.)

give and take. never only do one of the two things, always do both.

most of you will probably think i’m crazy while reading this, but maybe some of you will understand. i am thankful for those out there, who will. you’re on the right track.

once you’ve seen the energies flow unhindered, you will never want to get back to your old ways. it’s so beautiful what we can do for each other without giving up on ourselves.

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6 thoughts on “The Flow of Energies

  1. Funny to read this after yesterday watching a really dodgy business guru on youtube bang on about “The Flow”. Then to read your post about the same thing but I come away with a completely different energy. I struggle to say this as I am learning a new me, but I felt compelled to complete the circle and return the flow I received from you.


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