I did it all for the Belly

isn’t it just wonderful how certain things just pop into your head sometimes and make you laugh?

i had a conversation with a good friend of mine today. we haven’t seen each other in a really long time and for the past couple of days, he’s been trying to get his computer to work so we can video chat for a bit. no luck so far.
he told me he gained a couple of pounds while he was away and since he’s always been rather slender, i’m curious what he looks like now.
so today, i did him a little favor and ordered him something that will surely make it easier to get the computer working properly again.
he always gets a bit grumpy when i do stuff for him… but in a good-natured way. it’s funny when he does that.
so, of course, he asked me why i did it… why i felt the need to help him out.
and this line popped into my head…

“I did it all for the belly.”

we laughed.
i love when things like this happen… how the little things can brighten your day in such a huge manner.
i am thankful for my friend and that i get to spend time with him again.

oh, and i also think that “I did it all for the Belly” would be a somewhat great book title.
i’ll definitely think about it.

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