Times of Relief

on shimmering wings
the girl took to flight,
uplifted by billowing breeze

feeling small all her life
she struck free of her bonds
no more, being told she’d displease

she lifted her chin
and she soared through the air,
set out to examine the world

and she saw distant shores,
lush, wide grasslands, so green
taking in all the sights as she whirled

after seeing it all,
after sating the need
it was time to go home one last time

all her life she had been
just a shadow, so faint,
just a shade of a joyless old mime

as she sat on her grave,
staring at sullen earth
looking down at the snow and the frost

a sweet sigh left her lips
and she smiled to herself
quite amazed, she was no longer lost

photo credits: freeimagesarchive.com


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