Am I really a Clairvoyant?!

sometimes things just work out the way you thought they would. when they do, i’m always a little amazed.
yesterday, i had this feeling that the thing i was hoping for would work. there was no doubt – absolutely none. zero.
and it did work.

this doesn’t happen often… most of the time, i hope things will go as planned… but deep inside, i already have this uneasy feeling and i know about the outcome – i just don’t want to see. i try to ignore it as best as i can, try to tell myself that it is silly to think negative thoughts, but more often than not, my feelings are right. and my hopes get crushed, resulting in sadness.

the higher you soar, the deeper the plunge. that’s a simple fact.

so now i’m wondering if i got a brief glimpse of my future yesterday. not a literal glimpse of course, but if that positive feeling in my guts somehow showed me the future – just for an instant.
to me, an interesting thought.
if it is true, then all these negative feelings i get when i am hoping for something, might be warnings as well… warnings i choose to ignore, because i would rather see my wishes fulfilled. selfish, hm?
maybe those feelings are trying to protect me and until now, i have ignored them all along.
i cannot promise anything (because, well, i always hope for the best), but next time i get an uneasy feeling about something, i will try to listen a little more closely… and maybe the disappointment when things don’t work out like i want them to won’t be as bad.


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