Autumn, a Rollercoaster Ride and… Hiking?

i can already smell autumn in the air. love it.

it’s nighttime and i just went outside to take a breath. i love the quiet of night… so relaxing, soothing, comfortable. i could see my breath steam… and had to smile to myself, for my favorite time of the year is coming up.

this year has really been a rollercoaster so far… and i’m wondering what more it has in store. i am sure i’m still in for a couple of surprises, but i hope that i’ll only have to climb hills now… instead of mountains. i think i already wore out my share of good shoes for this year, so the terrain better be not as rocky… i might get blisters. really not a comforting thought trying to climb a mountain wearing flip-flops… if you know what i mean.
guess i’ll have to see.

we only get as much as we can handle, right?
i better check the soles of my flip-flops… just in case.

i am totally aware of jumping topics here… but when does it actually happen that thoughts are aligned neatly?! at least mine never seem to be…


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