Dear Time,

i know you don’t really exist and humankind only invented you because we feel the need to measure everything, but since you have been brought to existence, i would ask one thing of you…

please be more merciful.

how can it be that you always seem to happen to go by so fast when i need you to take it slow? and – of course – when i feel like you could go by more quickly, you enjoy to linger and dawdle, make me feel every second… sometimes even painfully so.
is this your revenge for us handing you the responsibility to keep the whole world in line?
i don’t really know…

maybe if we sat down together, we could work out some kind of agreement… because, really… sometimes you’re a handful.

a captive

6 thoughts on “Dear Time,

  1. Have you noticed, well maybe not yet as I think you young, that the older one gets the faster time seem to move? I remember as a child I thought time could and did stand still when waiting for a holiday or summer.


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