All for the Fries

and rain again
a steady downpour,
no umbrella,
stomach growling ~
not far now…

the safe haven,
distributor of The Best,
french fries, edible gold
so close.
my middle celebrates;
already tasting
sweet release…


through the tall windows, brightly lit, i see
tiles, polished to high sheen
village’s drunkard
in his usual spot,
head low, caressing
a bottle of beer;
the smellΒ of fried goods
tickles, tortures my nose.

door opened by longing hand
to bells, jingling;
heaven’s sound
to my near-starving, soppy self ~
greetedΒ by the snack bar’s owner,
i take my first step
to salvation

no warning for me,
my feet leave treacherous ground,
rear hits the tiles, hard ~
adventurous sneaker
to make contact
with my heart’s desire ~
the deep fryer.

the owner, baffled,
stares at the frying shoe
while i sit in pain, ears turning crimson ~
and the drunkard
honors me with a mumbled
” be more careful next time, girl”,
before he turns to
more pressing,
gulping matters.

i shared this because ofΒ dVerse‘s tempting call for the Unexpected…
ahem… “unfortunately”, a true story.


40 thoughts on “All for the Fries

  1. ouch…that is a wound to the pride a bit…did you really fry your sneaker…sorry, even in the pain if it was me i might have laughed…perhaps to keep from crying…smiles….cool story telling…

  2. I actually laughed out loud…not at your poor bottom meeting those hard tiles but your shoe meeting its unfortunate demise in the deep fryer…I’m assuming it was a goner… Thanks for a fun story!

  3. Indeed a surprising and unexpected event. And a great way of telling the story in this poem. Made me laugh whilst feeling sorry for you and the sneaker.

  4. Oh, I blushed just reading it! One of those priceless stories to keep in your back pocket for sharing though, like a consolation prize. I once jumped out of a moving vehicle, shredding my leg and embarrassing myself horrendously in front of my high school crush. Thank you for the very human and humanizing share and also for your comments on my poem, your empathetic nature shines through beautifully.

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