The Whole Story

pages turn
faster than we can imagine…
as we eternize
our lives
with inky footsteps
upon earth’s absorbent surface.

paper cuts
can’t be avoided ~
some pages will get ripped,
torn, by a sharpie too eager
or too furious.

reading between the lines,
as we admire the work of others,
can be misleading,
disturbing sometimes…
catapult us far off track ~
so don’t read too closely.

and as we scribble
and turn,




we rarely pause
to realize
our stories
are more
than simple words.
every step we take
is rooted deeply in our history…
just flip back to
Page 1
and see for yourself.


8 thoughts on “The Whole Story

  1. This is beautiful. As I age, I’ve seen now so often how some people struggle in their lives. It’s as if their life itself is the torture and yet others sail through it and nothing seems to touch them. But, you are so right, turn back to page 1 and, be amazed.
    Fabulous write and, read.

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