Ocean’s Legacy

the goddess, she saw him drown
out in the water facedown
on her brow immortal frown
her heart in her chest shifted
she touched his form and lifted
made him one of the gifted
first breath in his lungs, so pure
he thanked her for gentle cure
her kind, divine eyes azure

…over at dVerse Susan Judd has us experimenting with an ancient form of Celtic Poetry, the Englyn. This is my attempt, a combination of three Englynion milwr… I’m in a tale-telling mood.
Come and join us at the bar!


31 thoughts on “Ocean’s Legacy

    • never even heard of these before and had to give it a try. i have no idea if i did it right, but it was a great experience nevertheless! 🙂

  1. Oh, I like this! Has a somewhat elegiac feel to it, lovely rhythm, nicely paced. Great shot….I’m going to have to get away from the succinct Englyn, and start seaming a few together to make a longer verse.

  2. nice…a bit of the mystical in yours….when the goddess breahes life in you that can be a powerful and beautiful thing…great job as well working it out a bit longer as well…nice end rhymes…

  3. Whenever I try to picture or create a deity (for my own writing) I cannot seem to picture them in any other way than as female, goddesses, unless I base them on already existing ideas. This poem really spoke to me, in part I think, for this very reason. I’ve always felt as if though I’ve had a guardian throughout my life, this poem made me think of that.

  4. Your experimentation with this poem – success!

    I can picture you pulling a man from drowning in water. And you giving him hope for something so precious to come along.

    Compliments for your writing talents.

    You make the world a better place.

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