What If…

what if
i forget?

my mind’s stronghold
no longer my own;
in time’s desert
where the last viscid thought clings
to dry river’s bed

what if
i forget?

the touch of loved ones;
no longer gentle to me
but omnious and fearsome,
strangers –
invading my life,
my privacy

what if
i forget?

my name
my thoughts
my words
and i stumble;
the face of dawn
no longer uplifting friend –
for i know
i will have to endure
another alien day
in an alien world

will i still
be a person
if i no longer exist
in my own mind?
what if…
i forget?

… Stuart over at dVerse has us writing about phobia/fear… come over and join a bunch of scared people at the bar! I definitely need a beer now…
photo credits: dropletsodillies.blogspot.com


42 thoughts on “What If…

  1. this touches a place that is very scary for me….to lose my mind…i guess i may not know it or in moments of clarity i might and that scares the crap out of me honestly…seeing those that suffer from dementia….oy….yeah you got me a little scared….

  2. WHAT A GREAT TAKE ON THE PROMPT!!…this is a great, intelligently written poem…and what a very real fear…just trying to imagine it is tough….the not knowing, the forgetfulness…loss of memories…loss of love…..damn…. really like the form and economy of words in this to…it tumbles down the page effortlessley

  3. A really elegant take on senility and growing old… what I mean by elegant is that you handle it so delicately and communicate that fear of losing your mind without overdoing it, you know? I’m waffling. On the flip side of what if I forget, is what if I am forgotten, and this poem reminded me that is one of my fears so you served up a double for me . Excellently done.

  4. Oh, I hear you with your fear expressed so well here. Who would we be if we forget who we are, what we think, who everyone else is? Who would we be if we forget our whole life? So very well expressed…a real fear.

  5. Beautiful piece and a very valid fear. I thought these lines captured some amazingly raw feelings:

    “i will have to endure
    another alien day
    in an alien world”

  6. The fear of dementia/Alzheimer’s is awful. You’ve described that type of forgetfulness so well here. It’s awful to see it happen to someone we love too, let alone how frustrating it must be to someone who is starting to become forgetful because of its onset. Gripping read.

    • yeah, it’s happening in my family right now. also at work, i see it every day… how lost these people are… it’s so scary…

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