Modern Fences

everyone fends
for himself.
society’s favorite proverb.

fence constructed (check)
in place (check);
now go, seize the day!
(in your neatly erected prison)

to show
means getting crushed
to pulp; the brink of extinction
bureaucrats’ shiny boots.

pay them well…
blood money;
it looks like
Tom Sawyer’s new Gang
missed a few spots –
there were
not enough funds;
there were
gaping holes
in the contract.

to each his own
consists of
black, white;
shades of gray…
and, if we’re lucky,
there’s still color
on the edges.

Brian is tending the bar over at dVerse – today, we are to write poems inspired by Sue Ann‘s lovely artwork. Come join us!

photo credits: Sue Ann


47 thoughts on “Modern Fences

  1. “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall (fence)” and cunning is the boy who gets the gullible to paint it…all here, as prejudice abounds, and color drips on green blades of future grass. Well said.

  2. smiles….nice reference to tom sawyer….and ugh, that seems to be the new mantra…and if you have been watching our election as well, the way we will vote as well….i miss the old neighborhoods without fences….bring on the color…

  3. I enjoyed reading your take on the fences, dear. I like the ambiguity, the idea of a prison that is also a perverted haven, keeping us away from the true ugliness of the world outside, yet confining us from the fullness of actually living. Lovely work here.

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