Solitude (Haiku)

thoughts stir in the dark;
solitude’s comforting sigh
eases troubled mind.
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7 thoughts on “Solitude (Haiku)

  1. Beautiful. I love that you chose an image of the moon. I have a deep love of the moon. I love my solitude as well. Most of the time.


  2. You make haikus look easy. The gracefulness of your words and the complex simplicity of haikus makes me want to try my hand at it.

    I’ve always enjoyed haikus. My introduction to them came from reading the writings of Zen masters. It’s an under-appreciated form, in my opinion. But that might just be my cultural bias towards Eastern literature like the Tao Te Ching and such.


    • oh please do! 🙂 would love to read them!
      i discovered them a little while ago… have always been curious about them. tried one, then another… and since then, i am addicted. they are a great form of poetry.


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