Dear Ignorant Idiots,

rape jokes about a photo of a girl passed out drunk on the ground aren’t fun.
they are sick and macabre.

i hope one day, someone will put a mirror in front of you… to show you how wrong you are to call yourselves ‘human beings’.
but honestly, i doubt you would even see the truth… and end up admiring your haircuts.

i won’t even call you animals, because animals are certainly more evolved than you.
i hope you fall flat on your faces for your ignorance.

a pissed off individual


11 thoughts on “Dear Ignorant Idiots,

  1. Actually, this is in keeping with being human (not to try and equivocate… or to interrupt a legitimate rant– which it is). I am amazed at people thinking people are somehow basically good. This is disgusting and terrible… and normal for humans. Humanity has a terrible illness (and that description is being kind). I hope that people can change… and be less human.

    • i still believe in the good in humans… it has to be somewhere, right? there are a few out there holding up the ‘title’… and i am glad they exist.
      i totally understand where you’re coming from though… it’s hard not to lose faith in the human race.

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