It’s Time

work with me
on the surface of sound,
the brink of humanity’s rose war;
for centuries untouched subject
but unveiled in the presence
of dire need.

grab your spears
to pierce
traditions, dusty and brittle;
hidden in Snow White’s casket
to remind us
of history’s looming index finger –
ever accusing,
ever present.

isn’t it time
to leave time behind?

clockwork’s mantra.
unfold your sticky wings
and leave
the familiar, paralyzing cocoon.

isn’t it time
to leave time behind?!

… posted for dVerse’s Open Link Night… come join us at the Bar!

24 thoughts on “It’s Time

  1. An unceasing battle, to break free of the past, though paradoxically we need to understand it to push it back where it belongs. I liked the spirit of appeal here.


    • the lessons, of course… we wouldn’t be who we are now if it weren’t for them.
      some parts of history still make us ‘duck and run’ though… i wish we could leave them behind.


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