Love (un-twined)

Total eclipse;
where lovers once embraced
darkness lingers;
ashes of vivid flames
still hot on soul’s naked surface

Ruin rages
bitterness gags reason,
passion turns on itself, reveals sharp fangs
stirred by dire injury,
sets out
to cripple,
to maim

Undying love
they swore, voices steady;
once treasured memories
turned to gaping wounds;
tears dry
on hollow cheeks;
agony drips venom
on dull-edged hearts

Consciousness takes hold;
long, sleepless nights reveal
of a battle fought
with teeth and nails;
anger fades
and fades
and fades…
with each day
comes an easier breath

Endings are never easy;
and if feelings were true,
under the watchful eye
of the hourglass
turns to hurt
turns to hate
turns to heartache
turns to indifference
turns to truce.

Over at dVerse Poets’ Pub,ย ManicDdaily has us writing about armistice/truce. This is what I came up with. Come join us at the bar!

photo credits:ย


39 thoughts on “Love (un-twined)

  1. Agh, it would be nice if truce could come before indifference! Needless to say, heartache. But you are probably right. The short lines add to the combative elements described in the poem, and give it an even greater intensity. k.

    • it would be really nice if truce came before indifference… but i don’t think it works that way (at least not how i encountered it). humans are stubborn! ๐Ÿ˜‰
      thanks for reading… and thanks again for your wonderful prompt.

  2. So sad that it has to all be this way because there isn’t room for compromise anywhere before it gets to this point. Painful to lose anyone in love for whatever reason but, these type of battles are usually so bitter fought too. Sad.
    Brilliant imagery in this Miriam.

  3. It would be ideal if we understand each other all the time but alas it can’t be ~ Sad if we let love and understanding fade into gaping wounds ~ I believe in healing, if both parties are open to it ~ Lovely share ~

  4. This is cool. Some short sharp lines. Amazes me how some of the bloodiest wars fought are between people who supposedly love each other! Like the use of T.R.U.C.E as a structure….I’m trying to think who wore the song ‘love is a battlefield’- Pat Benatar! Yes- I’m gonna listen to that song right now!

  5. Stunning, the stuff of life. Yes, that is where love goes sometime…..and with luck, after the death of love, there is truce….however, it may take a long time.

  6. This scenario well explored here is quite real in every conflict with oneself/ with other individuals/groups to wars – the anger to conflict to indifference – the same and in each great loss – time and life never to be had again. Truly tragic.

  7. A felt piece full of heartache. Times like these are tough, sad to see it, sad to go through it. I’ve also seen reconciliation happen post-truce, and that is a lovely thing…great write.

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