Calling Dylan Thomas

Over at dVerse Poets Pub, Victoria invited us to try the concept of literary allusion (reference to another literary work). I decided to turn to Dylan Thomas and his wonderful poem ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’ today.
This is what I came up with. Enjoy, if you will…

Dylan Thomas: And Death Shall Have No Dominion

Calling Dylan Thomas

years have passed
your lines
stand tall,
unbent ~
while death
is still
hard on our heels,
scatters lives
and presses on

we fight;
oh how we fight…
to stop the fighting,
to honor your words ~
death still
holds the world
in a death grip,
squeezing; its vivid juices
to evaporate beyond

take your words
and paint them
across the horizon
so we will not forget
your vision;
your rays…
your tendrils of hope.

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40 thoughts on “Calling Dylan Thomas

  1. dang…like this much…the paint your words makes for a great closure but that middle stanza just rocks…how we fight to stop the fighting…and yet we are still in the grip….great write..

  2. This is excellent. I think so many times of these ‘dead poets’ whose words we read. Their words are alive to us. And yes, we fight death ourselves. We all end up in the same place eventually, hopefully with our words painted across the horizon.

  3. Powerful first stanza and well written throughout. We need to seek those ‘tendrils of hope’ for sure.

    A beautiful blog you have created here, love the dark leafy background and the empty bench image at the top.

  4. death still holds the world in a death grip, squeezing; its vivid juices to evaporate beyond… does indeed, and you portray that so well…dylan thomas is one of my favs too…unforgettable words!

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