Fortuna’s Lament

the complexity
of humanity gone astray
litters sacred ground.
we see what’s left of us
through stained (glass) windows,
pretending to know
the essence of it all.
bows her head in shame
and turns her gaze
(along with her much desired smile)

Today there’s a photo prompt over at dVerse – we are invited to write poems to Terry S. Amstutz’s wonderful photo art. This is what I came up with – didn’t think it would turn out to be so dark…

photo credits: 


44 thoughts on “Fortuna’s Lament

  1. this brought different events in history to my mind where humanity was nothing else but an empty word.. dark write yes…but deep and i hope fortuna lifts her head and smiles at us again…

  2. I for one, don’t blame her for turning away from our continual stupidity. This is so true to life. I love the strike through the word ‘glass’ too adds to the effect so much.
    Great piece Miriam.

  3. I love how you somehow manage to trap the hollowness of our existence…what do we REALLY know…absolutely love the take on the photo (my favorite 😉 ) and the tone that carries so hauntingly with your words. Fantastic!

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  5. Wow, wow, wow, wow, I just so connect to your voice and words. Your words work for you, you are in their charge. I love this. The parenthetical at end, or aside, was the perfect conclusion. So very clever and talented.

  6. There is something hauntingly remote about that photo… and I think your poem illustrates it perfectly… the scars we’ve left and still we don’t understand or just don’t want to see… nice write.

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