10 thoughts on “Freedom Of Speech (really?)

  1. You might find this interesting.. Some explicit lyrics, so feel free to delete or ignore if not your thing..

    I grew up thinking this song was pretty cool

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Znb8dRascg (many years ago)

    I still think in context of some of his other songs like Home invasion (link at end of comment) it is of value and holds water, but I think it also signified the shift from public enemy style freedom of speech dangerous music to the gangster style freedom of speech that is prevelent today.

    It was almost like the governments went, ‘you know what if, we open up the floodgates there will be so much nonsense out there that no one will no what to think anymore..’

    I think protective censorship that protects our childrens’ minds has dissapeared and indeed been fuelled in the opposite direction, but censorships to protect the status quo and to hide truths have risen rapidly..

    I tell you what they did, they stole our minds as kids.. It was a home invasion!

    That then reduces the kind of idealistic crazy think that might lead to nonsense like this…


  2. No, no, you got it all wrong. It’s freedom of speech for speech we like. 🙂

    Very true what you said Miriam. At least we have the comfort of some corner of the Internet, sometimes.


  3. As a conservative, I can certainly relate to this. These days, you are only free to speak if you speak left. Conservative speakers are heckled, bullied, and beaten on university campuses or not even allowed to appear there. Read the book, Intellectual Morons by Daniel J. Flynn, to see how Flynn had his books burned by leftist students who denounced HIM for being a Nazi!


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