Textures of Winter

One Snowy Night Wallpaper__yvt2

street corners, fast asleep
huddle beneath
street lamp’s mellow light.
glisten like jewels,
crown the silent watchers’ brows,
while shredded wings
drift from the sky
to cloak and bury
the hustle and bustle,
the musts and have to’s
of the waking hours.

not a sigh;
not a single anthem lingers
in the reticent air;
white touches
steaming breath,
final bow, to melt onย rosy cheeks
and i stride alone ~
the only sounds…




beneath my boots.
I wrote this poem for Open Link Night over at dVerse Poets Pub. Come join us at the bar and share your poetry… doors open at 3pm EST…

photo credits:ย scenicreflections.com


61 thoughts on “Textures of Winter

  1. nice…love the sounds and visuals…i thought when you were talking of sleep you were going to go to a person in the cold at first….i soooooo want some snow!!!!! crunch, crunch crunch…smiles.

  2. I enjoyed this poem. It had a very essence about it. Yet at the same time there was a sense of security as well. The imagery was magnificent and the structure of the poem brought it to life. Check out my poetry sometime, I am sure you would enjoy it.

  3. So vivid, the sights and sounds of a winter in snow. Thankyou for taking me there, we don’t get snow here, and right in the middle of a heatwave so your words had a lovely cool feel. Very nice.

  4. So beautiful…and I’m jealous. the only crunch crunch I hear are the sounds of snails and Christmas beetles as I walk outside from downstairs up to the house in bare feet (bleh!) It’s dark, I can’t see them on the ground. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Ahh….and a lovely bench too. This has to be my favourite piece of yours.

  5. It was like reading a painting. Such an accurate, rich description that involved all of my senes. I enjoy your talent very much. It reads out loud very nicely. Great winter sounds. Loved the word choices.

  6. I absolutely love that experience expressed in your piece. I’m headed to Florida for a month soon and I’m going to miss that. I’ll be looking forward to it when I return though. Your piece makes me want to not miss that month. haha…crunch crunch crunch.

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