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letters, carefully shaped; sculpted… to embellish your paper-thin body.
you’re wearing blue today.
it does not fit my mood ~ i am okay, but how could you know.
black still looks good on you.

you know i try;
try and try to be perfect, to shape your
your cousins on the ground, crumpled; for i failed them.
i am sorry.

the sharpie bows to my will
in the end.
the work is done, pen drops from sweaty palm and leaves
covered in perfectly shaped words
i love dearly.
i smile as i look at you.
whole now.
ready to go on display.

Over at dVerse Poets Pub, Victoria C. Slotto invites us to write a poem in Second Person. To make it a bit more challenging, she gave us options to choose from – I chose to address ‘inanimate objects’.

I love Post-Its.
To understand this somewhat quirky poem better, you have to know that I write things I love (quotes, sayings, lyrics… literary delicious snippets) on Post-Its and tape them to my front door. That way, I always have something nice to read right before I leave the house.
Hope you enjoy what I came up with and hope to see you at the bar!