Ode To Post-Its

letters, carefully shaped; sculpted… to embellish your paper-thin body.
you’re wearing blue today.
it does not fit my mood ~ i am okay, but how could you know.
black still looks good on you.

you know i try;
try and try to be perfect, to shape your
your cousins on the ground, crumpled; for i failed them.
i am sorry.

the sharpie bows to my will
in the end.
the work is done, pen drops from sweaty palm and leaves
covered in perfectly shaped words
i love dearly.
i smile as i look at you.
whole now.
ready to go on display.

Over at dVerse Poets Pub, Victoria C. Slotto invites us to write a poem in Second Person. To make it a bit more challenging, she gave us options to choose from – I chose to address ‘inanimate objects’.

I love Post-Its.
To understand this somewhat quirky poem better, you have to know that I write things I love (quotes, sayings, lyrics… literary delicious snippets) on Post-Its and tape them to my front door. That way, I always have something nice to read right before I leave the house.
Hope you enjoy what I came up with and hope to see you at the bar!


44 thoughts on “Ode To Post-Its

    • have you ever seen the movie ‘the color purple’? there’s this scene when one sister teaches the other to read by writing words down on pieces of paper and attaching them to the right objects.
      there is a shot of one piece of paper taped to a glass door – the word on it is ‘sky’.
      i was so moved when i saw this – this picture has been stuck in my head ever since.
      this scene is what made me start writing down things i like on post-its – and i’ve been doing it since.

  1. Miriam…this is just wonderful. I was concerned about those crumpled cousins, too. I relate 100% to the perfectionism issue…mine at times borders on OCD. I was a post-it addict when I was working in healthcare management, then when I wrote my first novel. They were all over my office in both instances…and in the first they became my delegation tool!

  2. Yes, I do like it. Very creative, Miriam, and I like that you leave yourself positive notes or affirmations before you leave for the day. I liked the line about “cousins” on the floor… 🙂

  3. I always like what you write. Your style has left a post-it on my brain so I know to find your words, your voice, and make my day. Okay, it’s getting a lil deep, lol, but I did enjoy the pieces as they fit together, the tattoo look of your post it notes. Another lil insight. Very kool.

  4. ha vey cool to address those post-its….loved the shaping
    tattoos and the paper-thin bodies….our house hangs full with university post-it notes that my daughter puts everywhere…smiles

  5. …your cousins on the ground, crumpled; for i failed them. i am sorry…. ah, that’s super creative for me… a nice transition… and your way to end is excellent… clever you… smiles…

  6. A wonderful clever write and I too thought you were talking to a person until I re-read the title. Definitely very clever – love it.

    Anna :o]

  7. i love the way you’ve shaped this poem. like a post-it. lines varying in length and stature, flow easy but not at all pushy. wonderful. so glad to hear the cousins are symbolic.

  8. Fantastic way of reminding. For from one thing one leads to the other. It helps not just to retain but also generate further ideas. One gets engrossed and it just never stops. Nicely Miriam!


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