She. (Rebellious Portrait)

she isn’t sorry.

tap tap tap
she attacks the tabletop
blue-painted missiles target
oiled hazelnut craftsmanship
in staccato rhythms.

she isn’t sorry.

she looks at me, a pink bubble
between cherry lips ~
growing, Growing;
defiance in her stare,
challenge extended;
tap tap tap


the pink-smeared smile
doesn’t touch her
(tap tap tap)
her tongue snakes out,
the sticky, playful rebellion.
teeth start chomping again.

she leans back with a huff,
old chair complaining
at the sudden movement.

she isn’t sorry.

tap tap tap
i wait.

Brian Miller over at dVerse Poets Pub invites us to focus on the details today… an interesting challenge.
Come join us at the bar!


28 thoughts on “She. (Rebellious Portrait)

  1. The comments helped understand your poem. I read it again and really enjoyed it. At first, I thought it was an angry craftsman working at a piece of furniture. I am so dull.
    It was fun during the second read — thanx.


  2. I’m thinking it’s a rebellious teenager having a staredown with a parent. Loved the bubble gum blowing while the eyes stay fixed…no hint of a smile in them…no, she’s not sorry! Love it, Miriam!


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