Unexpected Symphony

daily grind’s friction
leaves my skin red and raw ~
gray people hurry;
one wrong step
“excuse me”
and the face, alight for
a fraction of a second,
turns gray once again.

safe haven.
the door locks…

as i wash my hands,
(soap, rinse, dry)
i wash
the day away ~
too much suffering
for the tired eye (soul)
to keep
within me.

running low, Low;
i stumble
into the arms
of a masterpiece.
with each line
iΒ Feel,
devourΒ the scene,
taste, hear, smell
the words,
the symphony;

(in) a (world of) (g)ray;
take hold,

i dwell,
disentangle myself in
the mind of another;
a beautiful gift,
selflessly given.
Over at dVerse, Karin Gustafson invites us to write about “Presents – Presence”. This wonderful prompt took me right back to one of my most favorite moments… I truly needed something beautiful that day – and it found me.
The story “The Conductor of an Aggressive Symphony” by Adam S. (which inspired this poem) is probably the best thing I have ever read – the raw emotion inspired me in so many ways and gave me much-needed energy. I treasure it… and always will.

You can find the whole story (Part 1-4) here:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
… give it a try, you will not regret it.


36 thoughts on “Unexpected Symphony

  1. Beautiful thoughts. Water sounds, watching it feeling it, touching it, or, music both ‘lose’ me inside their magic and calm. It sounds as if you knew exactly what you needed to unwind too.
    A truly lovely read.

  2. falling into the hands of a masterpiece after a rough day…what better… some literature just takes us away from the everyday grind and opens new windows to breathe fresh air…i totally can relate..

  3. Tis amazing to watch the hypnotic grey faces lighten up with encounter but then fade back into the rush of the mindless day. The real gift of another’s presence surpasses anything else. Nicely done.

  4. ..i never had such an intimate communion with a book like what you seemed to have in your readings… maybe am too young & less e perienced to claim a deep connection with the writers of the many ancient books i read… thank you for the poem…

    Merry Christmas to you and family…


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