the fueled hours
of morning’s infamy
burn white-hot
on early day’s cheek.

blood-red pumps
strike the pavement, hard;
hair in disarray,

and her lips
still taste like him.


41 thoughts on “Escapade

  1. I’m undecided whether there was a fight that morning before, during, after or instead of sex and if she liked it, disliked it, is addicted to it, triumphed or plans revenge. Plus, if her lips taste like him, is it from kissing, nibbling\biting his skin, fellatio, or a backhand to the mouth? Maybe she’s a vampyr who let him play and then gave him the kiss of death? Wait, that’s the Godfather. Well, it works here too. Is she the victim, instigator, or triumphant predator?

    Oh one thing I’m positive ofβ€”there was passion.

    But was it for sexβ€”or breakfast?

  2. When I am old, I will wear those red shoes. I earned them for loving the world all my life! Thank you for this comparison from which I got an image I never thought of before. What a gift! And thanks for visiting “Obedience” on my site. The red shoes may be what I was looking for!

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