in a river of tears
he found her,
kissed the salt
from her cheeks
and gave
her mermaid’s tail
to the
sorrowful sea

she learned to walk
on newfound legs;
strong hands guiding
her every step at day,
her every moan at night ~

and when darkness
to smoldering heat,
he traced her ear
with velvet tongue
and whispered softly,

“Our story
shall not be tamed;
entombed in a book
to be forgotten –
it shall be written
among the stars
to enchant the moon
and a day.”

RamblingsFromAMum of the “Three Nuts and a Squirrel Crew” extended the challenge to write a sensual or romantic poem including the words book, salt and river. For some reason, a tough “nut” to crack for me this time – sheesh – and sorry, guys… not much smut in this one! 😉 Hope you won’t mind too much – good ol’ romance will have to do…

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