she had forgotten
her heart
on the windowsill
next to the crumpled
paper bag
that held a notebook
and his love.

as the light
turned red
she quickened her pace,
ran unperturbed fingers
through her faltering hair
and became
of the city’s
many faces.

… based on the poem Escapade


37 thoughts on “Blend

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  2. Lovely Miriam.Those first few lines pull you right in. My eyes did linger a little over “faltering hair” though. Unperturbed fingers was wonderful but doesn’t faltering mean hesitating?


    • thank you! 😀
      ha, yes… faltering hair is a bit uncommon, is it not… i used it in the way of ‘swaying/staggering/weakened’ to describe her ‘state’… 😉


    • Ok, I see what you mean. I was fixating on her literal hair too much perhaps. You go, you word weaver 🙂 Wish I could write poems. I get too concerned with detail – much like I just can’t PAINT, lol!


    • oooh detail’s the trick – i am sure you would do an amazing job! (reading your juicy horror story right now and it’s killing me already… lmao) just throw a couple of words together and if they don’t make sense at all, they’re probably poetic… 😉


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