Dead End

crude fingertips taunt
milky glass
rim’s angry squeals ring

vicious crescendo
lovers’ lane
broken; end credits

lies set the table
one last stare
no words left to give

… written for dVerse’s Poetry Prompt, 5-3-5 syllabic Kelly Lune (the American Haiku).
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69 thoughts on “Dead End

  1. Good lord, woman! Can you ever weave a pen! These are fantastic…I read as one…but each stand alone piece is brilliance…It was Poet Stu who first introduced me to the term “amazeballs” and yes…I’m dropping it here…LOVED this!

  2. Wonderful to see the Kelly lunes here; in my opinion their brevity captures the Japanese esthetic of the haiku more accurately than the Collom lune. All the verses here well done – but that last one, oh! is especially cutting. Excellent work!

  3. If “lies set the table” is not forever with me, I will be fooled. I have known the end. I have also known the life of those who knew the end was inevitable but just refused to believe it, to give into it. This reminded me, but not in such a bad way. That which does not kill you…


  4. ..the last lune speaks to me of one instance i’m currently into these days with someone dear to me in the office… with all she’s done i can only give her silence so as not to misinterpret more… excellent offerings… smiles…

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