ambushed ~
the rearing stallion
muscled; shining chrome,
takes her breath away;
leaves her
reduced to
and clinging, shredded fabric

his knowing eyes
cross her mind, briefly ~
laughter lines, framing Blue;
while blood-red pumps
barely twitch

blood-red rivulet.

… based on the poem Escapade


8 thoughts on “Fate

    • lol i guess really no one’s seen the other side of the story yet… this poem is ‘two-faced’ and can be read under two different aspects… curious to find out who sees it! 😉 so far, everyone’s on the ‘erotic’ side… ts ts ts


  1. Erotic and dangerous sounding. 😉 Miriam, I have awarded you the Leibster award (Posted today on my blog) I’m not sure you’re into these award thingies but honestly don’t worry if you’re not. Just thought I’d pass your link along on my blog, along with others that I feel a connection to.


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