Wild Horses

black-and-wqwhite-cool3do you hear
the call of the wild?

thundering hooves,
manes, airy white;
against the tides

do you hear
the call of the wild?

vigorous waves
driven forth;
forth to join the wild hunt

do you hear
the call of the wild?

will you run with them?

photo credits: designsdelight.com

two minds, one picture… have a look at Rambly’s wonderful poem “Gather Strength“.


9 thoughts on “Wild Horses

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  2. 🙂 the photo goes so well with the backdrop- the darkness, forgot to mention that before, the more I read the more I enjoy and visualise the crest of the waves as the white manes. Hauntingly gorgeous Miri . xx


  3. saw you over at susans…smiles…been far too long since i was over here…i def ran with them in my youth and though i like to think i still do i think that i have settled in some areas….perhaps i need to listen a bit more for it…smiles..


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