men, made of clay, stand watch
and i walk
or run
or fly

jump off this skyscraper
to land
numb ~
broken and intact
while the bomb is still

i am inside, not out
(didn’t i just leave?)
where no one knows the way
where my voice is nonexistent
and i scream;
incapable ~
only to draw grey clay looks
seasoned with grey clay smirks
while i
run in circles (tick tick tick)
succumb to painted windows
find (my fear) the roof exit
and jump
again – eager
to leave the madhouse behind

please, just this once.
please. please…

beep beep
beep beep

i wake in cold sweat
and find
this monstrous mind
at ease

…until i dream again.

Brian over at dVerse is chasing monsters today…write a poem and come join us at the Bar!
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