Seasons’ Song

shall we not flourish in the springtime rains?
where liquid crystal moistens earthen tongue,
and green conceals the last of winter’s stains.

will we go far from where our bodies sprung?
past rolling hills beneath a blazing sun,
to vales of summer; youthful songs unsung.

when autumn reigns, will we then come undone?
give up our leaves to mighty gusts of wind,
and slow this walk, that’s only just begun.

have we surrendered; have our roots been skinned?
the joy of life, mere echo in our veins,
and winter’s breath leaves hollowed mind chagrined.

shall we be bound by bitter winter’s chains?
shall we not flourish in the springtime rains?


Tony Maude over at dVerse Poets Pub invites us to to try the Terza Rima at “Form For All” today. This is my contribution – a Terza Rima Sonnet. Come on over, fiddle with the form and join us at the bar!

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32 thoughts on “Seasons’ Song

  1. where liquid crystal moistens earthen tongue…love that descriptive line…nice emotional turn in your sonnet as well…have our roots been skinned…and joys a mere echo…whew…love that bit…very nicely done to form and provocative…smiles.

  2. So well done with the rhyme choices, tongue and unsung, skinned and chagrined – loved those, and you managed to link the end to the beginning, as you did the seasons. So accomplished.

  3. This poem is so very well thought out. I do think we have to appreciate each season, and when it is winter we cannot be bound. We must know that spring will come again, and all that is dormant WILL flourish and come to life again. As far as autumn, hmmmm, it is so easy to become undone, isn’t it? Knowing what will follow. But we must always keep that hope, knowing that spring will come again.

  4. You set yourself quite a task here, with rhymes that are unique and difficult – and yet you manage to pull it off throughout the interlocking framework of the terza rima. I especially like structure of the repeated rhetorical questions – which serve to punctuate the composition. Well done.

  5. great seeing you in the pub miriam and really a cool terza rime sonnet you brought to the table…i’m sure it’s 100% flows just effortless and beautiful…cool work

  6. This is fabulous – a poem I wish I had written. The meter, the rhyme – everything is so well-crafted – and you managed to tie the end and the beginning together.

  7. I’m learning more about sonnets and this one is a great example of beauty, just like the beautiful art illustration below of contrasts of seasons of life and Mother Earth.

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