My Pages
i am
the binding

of this dust-covered book ~
the hows and whys
preserved; in fading ink

one day
i shall be brave enough
to confront the truth
of my
(most abandoned)
in Chapter 1 to 3 ~

i stare at the cover.

Written for a photo challenge between friends… It’s good to have you, my Partner in Ink… 😉 xx
Find her marvelous piece here – don’t miss it!

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7 thoughts on “My Pages

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  2. Your opening lines – yourself or life as the book that must be read, chapters 1 to 3 – I loved and through tears – I read today, I stare at the cover… Miri this is stunning, I so look forward to doing more of these prompts with you and I want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU for making me believe in myself and what I write. You have helped me immensely and I treasure you greatly. xxx


  3. sigh.. this resonates with me completely. Hard to look back –Some pages are meant to be bookmarked..others not so much.
    Your words never disappoint.


    • thank you very much, Audra!
      there’s always this nagging feeling that you have to look – but you just can’t bring yourself to do it just now… it takes time to muster up enough courage.
      i hope, one day, i’ll be brave enough…


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