Lunchtime (Gollum vs. Sting)

played tag
(yes, we like to play!)
in fields of gold

& i lost my mind
(up up up the stairs…)
to you

had my heart for lunch
(is it juicy? is it scrumptious?)
with a pinch of lemon;
licked the plate clean &
left me to do the dishes

so i wallowed
in soap water tears
(not fair! not fair!)
for a while

come dusk,
you can tell the sun
in (t)his jealous sky
(leave now… and never come BACK!)
to kiss my ass.

… a somewhat strange creation – Sting(no, not the sword – the other Sting)’s tune (that I couldn’t shake today) meets my favorite Lord of the Rings character for lunch. Written for Karin Gustafson’s prompt about twins/opposites/divided selves over at dVerse.
Grab your poem and join the fun!


34 thoughts on “Lunchtime (Gollum vs. Sting)

  1. hahaha…i love it! i like the snark in the end…great word play as well…smiles…and the parenthesis commentary….my fav part for sure…this was a fun read…but hope you dont get burned by that kiss…smiles.

  2. I love it!…Now I have this weird image in my head of Gollum standing at the sink doing dishes, LOL. πŸ˜€

  3. That is an earworm, that Sting song, and I like the Tolkein tie-in and everything in italics, especially. You managed to write to the prompt yet give it a very unique flavor, which is the point, I think. Enjoyed much.

  4. Wow. What a great comparison of opposites. As with all opposites we tend to forget that in their origins there is some commonality.

  5. Ate your heart and left you to do the dishes… yikes. I’d be wallowing in soap water tears too. This was very memorable with a playful format contrasting the subject matter… one of my favorites from this prompt. -Mike

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