Lunchtime (Gollum vs. Sting)

played tag
(yes, we like to play!)
in fields of gold

& i lost my mind
(up up up the stairs…)
to you

had my heart for lunch
(is it juicy? is it scrumptious?)
with a pinch of lemon;
licked the plate clean &
left me to do the dishes

so i wallowed
in soap water tears
(not fair! not fair!)
for a while

come dusk,
you can tell the sun
in (t)his jealous sky
(leave now… and never come BACK!)
to kiss my ass.

… a somewhat strange creation – Sting(no, not the sword – the other Sting)’s tune (that I couldn’t shake today) meets my favorite Lord of the Rings character for lunch. Written for Karin Gustafson’s prompt about twins/opposites/divided selves over at dVerse.
Grab your poem and join the fun!


34 thoughts on “Lunchtime (Gollum vs. Sting)

  1. hahaha…i love it! i like the snark in the end…great word play as well…smiles…and the parenthesis commentary….my fav part for sure…this was a fun read…but hope you dont get burned by that kiss…smiles.

  2. I love it!…Now I have this weird image in my head of Gollum standing at the sink doing dishes, LOL. πŸ˜€

  3. That is an earworm, that Sting song, and I like the Tolkein tie-in and everything in italics, especially. You managed to write to the prompt yet give it a very unique flavor, which is the point, I think. Enjoyed much.

  4. Ate your heart and left you to do the dishes… yikes. I’d be wallowing in soap water tears too. This was very memorable with a playful format contrasting the subject matter… one of my favorites from this prompt. -Mike

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