The Traveler

bits of glass, tinctured red ~
deformed metal scree(EEEE)ches
as roaring teeth attack; frantically



burnt rubber stench & muffled shouts
“stay with me,” he says, breathless ~
Red Agony
is all you see
before the lights dim.




is the music of the Lost;
her hand in yours on sterile white ~
she mumbles
about clipping your nails,
absent-mindedly rearranges
hearty smiles in picture frames,
while her hollow eyes SCREAM at me,
reflecting monitor-Green
& she jokes
about the weather;
rain pounding against windows

and moments turn to hours.

the sky weeps for days ~
one morning,
i see my deepest sigh
in her unbound, joyful tears and
those ocean eyes of yours

“welcome back,” i say, smiling ~
and You
illuminate the room.

I used to work in an ICU as a physical therapist for a couple of years. A place of such sadness and turmoil – yet, it is also where you witness great Beauty.
Written for Fred Rutherford’s wonderful prompt about Beauty – in all its facets – over at dVerse. Grab your poem and join the fun!


43 thoughts on “The Traveler

  1. whew…nice tension in this one…you had me on edge a bit as it feels like the hosital…and the fight for survival…and in the midst there is a lot of tension…but beautiful to be able to welcome them back…i like the sound effects as well…smiles.

    • oh, i was just the ‘watcher’… i admire the strength that woman showed – i will never forget her. working there, you can’t get too deeply involved, or it will destroy you – but these two, i could not lock out…

  2. My favorite is the last part, to finally see him/her flowing and being blessed ~

    the sky weeps for days ~ This line tugs my heart ~ A lovely retelling dear ~

    Happy weekend ~

  3. Miriam, how perfect. Your descriptions put me there in the ICU with you even before I read your process note. And yes, working in critical care units keeps us so in touch with the contrasts that Fred wrote about. I guess anywhere in health care, that’s true.

  4. Simply stunning Miri- I was there in the ICU โ€ฆin awe ..’ beep beep – the music of the lost’ I sigh at what feelings you have been able to bring to the surface of such a cold and sterile environment. Beautiful.

  5. There are so many awful poems out there on the internet, being part of D’Verse and reading something as special as this, is amazing. Really loved the way you painted this image with your words Miriam, thank you for making my sunday morning a wee bit brighter

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