knees scraped & bent
i cower
before “Thee” –
coins weigh my palms
for the sake of my soul;
submission equals holiness,
the Self is devil’s tool

& belief
gets trampled underfoot.

inspired by a piece i wrote earlier today – guess i’m not done with the subject yet.
(find it here if interested: Pay your religious fee… today!).

22 thoughts on “Reli(e)gion

    • it is, isn’t it… such a disturbing thought.
      i witnessed a man talk about God today. i am not religious, but i do keep an open mind. at first, i thought it wonderful how much energy he put into his faith in God – then, i heard him deem himself ‘not worthy’… over and over again.
      i ended up being utterly shaken. if we cannot accept ourselves as we are in the face of religion, if we have to ‘lower’ ourselves, just to bear the title of being ‘religious’, there’s something terribly, terribly wrong.


    • Yeah, It’s sad. I recently heard a talk where the commandment “do not take the Lords name in vain” was about situations just like this where he claims to have faith in God but the fact that he deems himself unworthy after God has already deemed him worthy is the futility of the faith. We are ALL WORTHY – at least that’s my understanding of the faith that Christ actually taught. I wonder what that man’s response would be to that. 🙂


  1. I am in agreement with your response to Mobius (and his). Why must they deem themselves unworthy in ‘God’s eyes’. I like the way you are still ‘tinkering’ as if you must free all thoughts on this one before you can move on. xx


    • thank you Jen. i wrote a LOT about it already today and i still can’t get it out of my head. so much doesn’t make sense… doesn’t add up – and i just don’t understand how people can blindly follow, just because ‘someone’ says it’s the ‘right way to do this’.
      blah. ticks me off….


  2. quite thought provoking, Miriam. one of the things that is true for me, my beliefs have changed over my lifetime. as an adult I am not only a participant in my beliefs, I am the orchestrator of them. this poem really got me thinking, thank you.


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