Meagre Offerings

it has always been your trait
to keep me in the dark;
to feed me bone marrowย and splintered tears
ground to powdered memories;
sometimes spiced with a pinch of blue –
for your amusement.

i would have preferred
to swallow the bitter pill –
but you reserved the whole batch
for yourself.
“I never wanted you to see,” you said,
and slipped me another dose
of powdered past,

i ignored your offering
and left you

Kelvin over at dVerse invites us to write a poem using idioms for Poetics. Grab your poem and join the fun!


54 thoughts on “Meagre Offerings

  1. Wow, this packs a punch, Miriam. You really created a strong poem using idioms. And indeed it is good NOT to accept the offering of someone else’s bitter pill. Let that person know they are indeed barking up the wrong tree and even if one is at the end of one’s rope, it is best to call it a day!!

  2. “to feed me bone marrow and splintered tears
    ground to powdered memories;” ~ Wow, what a line !!!!
    Definitely time to move beyond “Meager Offerings”
    powerfully poetic !! wonderfully penned !!

  3. Miriam, hey x
    I believe real people sleep well at night…
    Idiots and haters don’t

    Sleep well tonight pal.. x

    Great blog.
    Let the idiots get on with their stupid lives so us normal people can live I say.

    Hope you are keeping ok


  4. dang thats got grit…feeding me bone marrow and splintered tears ground up…whew…sounds like one that should be left behind…not being forthcoming and only feeding us the lines they think might move us along…well played miriam…smiles.

  5. …when i read the first stanza it made me think of a scene / situation that i feel so scary… a situation wherein one has to be a slave after love… she wanted to escape but she has already fallen to dark quagmire of a poor quality love… then read the whole piece & i was totally redirected to drug addiction or something like that… & the girl didn’t want anymore to tolerate her lover’s pathetic condition thus leading her to refusal … the man needs help and if love is not enough to save him maybe leaving is a better option to save him… to save her… ah, this was tight Miriam… but i enjoyed… thank you… smiles…

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